This features a unique riso print using soy based inks on a fsc certified card. It is so beautiful + vibrant in person: Please note the fluorescent colours do not show up well in photography.

This card comes with a paper balloon inside that corresponds with the character on the front of the card.

blank inside
4.25" x 5.5"
neon detail via riso using soy based inks
panda Japanese paper balloon

    Japanese paper balloons (Kamifusen) have been loved by children since they emerged in the 1920's. Over time different characters and designs were produced yet it is the simple game of playing 'keep it up' that continues to delight children.

    Simply Inflate the balloon by blowing through the little hole. If played with carefully the balloons can be flattened and blown up again and again. If you want to hang the balloons the easiest way is to tie some thread to an uncoiled paper clip and insert it in the hole. The thread can be attached to the ceiling with washi tape or white tack.