A magical guide to subverting manboy power, one spell at a time

As our newsfeeds become more and more glutted by stories of harassment and assault, it's no surprise women are turning to every power in their arsenal to fight back--even the magical ones. As Lindy West put it in her New York Times op-ed, "Yes, this is a witch hunt. I'm a witch, and I'm hunting you."Hexing the Patriarchy: Magical Resistance from A to Z is a book for women for women who want to join the resistance.

Upbeat and inviting, without making light of anyone's oppression or spirituality, it offers fed-up women a primer of enchantment in the form of 26 spells for undermining modern-day oppression, all gathered from authentic witches from various magical traditions. Readers will learn how to:

-make salt scrubs to "wash away patriarchal bullshit"

-place spells on misogynist leadership

-mix potions to boost their strength against harassment

 and more. Individually and cumulatively, the spells are designed to topple the patriarchy with a dangerous, they-never-saw-it-coming power.

hardcover; 288 pages; 5.0 X 0.9 X 7.1 inches

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