Ocean Fine Holographic Glitter
Ocean Fine Holographic Glitter Ocean Fine Holographic Glitter

Solvent Resistant Fine Holographic Glitter 0.015 Hex for Crafts & Nail Polish/Art

  • Fine Glitter 0.015" Hex
  • Orders that have three or more ounces of the same color will be in the same bag.
  • One or two ounce colors will be in separate bags.
  • MADE IN USA. Non Toxic - Polyester Acrylic

Our glitter shoppe is a great source for: Nail Art (franken polish), embellishing shoes/heels, candle making, glycerin soaps, epoxy-resin, polymer clay jewelry and many other craft projects like greeting cards & wedding favors! Use glue to make it stick- or dust it for a temporary sparkle effect!

Get your sparkle meow on and leave a trail of glitter litter everywhere you go! We have a colorful shop in Nashville Tennessee with a beautiful collection of glitter and invite you to stop in and visit us!

Because we cannot test our glitters in every possible nail polish base and/or solvents we cannot guarantee how they will perform in each situation. We highly recommend that you test the solvent resistance in your nail polish base before you commit to a larger batch.